Studio, Gallery, and Life: 71, The Most Important Things in Life


I have attended so many funerals in the last 4 years.  Birth and Death are a part of life, but, I so, prefer births.  Last week, I attended a funeral that was filled with smiles, laughter, and lots of tears.  The man who passed filled his family with so many good memories.  His grandchildren spoke tearfully of being so grateful for his daily love and wisdom that he had passed on to them.  Such a gift.  So, what is most important to you in your life?  Are you reaching for it daily?  I wonder if my generation is doing its job to be available to our kids. Are we quietly sharing lessons learned?  I know I am trying.  I am also trying to only give my opinion when asked.  The really interesting thing is that my mom is the master of this skill – only offering opinions when asked.  Her husband told me last night that he is trying so hard to emulate her.  So, even at 92, we can work at being better people.

Lately, I feel as though I am at a turning point in my life.  I want to focus on my ceramic art; spend time with my kids as they have time to share; staying healthy physically and mentally; plus, be involved in my community.  Many of my days are filled with minutia that doesn’t point me towards those four things.  I need to do a better job of staying focused on what matters to me.

I continue to practice Tai Chi.  We are learning Part One.  I keep reminding myself that repetition and practice is how you really absorb new skills.  Try standing on one foot and do 50 knee bends without support.  I can do it most days on each leg.  My apple watch is helping me stay aware of how far I walk daily.  Most days 13000 steps.  I am always surprised by how much muscle I lose if I don’t get to the gym for weight-training at least 2 times a week.  How are you doing with your fitness program?

Do you remember my taking a civil rights trip to Alabama and Tennessee?  Two additional tours are planned for this fall, if you are interested.  For more information, go to:


I am taking a couple of online courses focused on mold making.  I want to have some repeatable forms that I alter as I work.  I am challenging myself to only use the potter’s wheel for creating molds.  I am focused on hand building my beach focused vessels.  I am thinking open forms while I create them.  I have a large platter in mind for the near future that could set on a surface or hang on a wall.

beach vessel

I do have a few beach mugs remaining.  That is on my to do list for this weekend. The undulating rims are on purpose.  While in Portugal, I learned that the Japanese word for this is:  yamamichi or mountain road.

handmade ceramic beach mug


Check out Julie Devers’ minimalist pottery.  It works great in most home decor because of its neutral colors and simple patterns.  Her pottery can go in the dishwasher, oven, and microwave.  Please know that it is best to not shock pottery in the oven.  Put the baker in the oven when it is cold and bring it up to temperature.  Then, cover with foil and store in the refrigerator when cleaning up after your meal.

Take good care, Cyndi

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