Studio, Gallery and Life Musings, 32: Childhood Memories

I found this quote by Carl Jung.  It made me pause.  What made time stop when I was a child? What did I love to do?

I have been so busy most of my life with school, family, career, and volunteerism.  Rarely, I have I slowed down to think about what “really” makes me happy.  I have a hard time answering that question.  I know that I am happiest when I am close to Lake Michigan.  It is a touchstone for me. Spending time with my grandparents was huge.  Their was laughter in their homes, bonfires, and time for me.  I used to devour books.  Seeing my children and grandchildren happy and laughing, makes me smile – big time.  Singing has always touched me.  There is something about clay – porcelain clay to be specific that has me in my studio for hours at a time.  I lose track of time there.

I put this quote out into the social media world.  Here are some of the responses:

  • Played in the woods behind the house.
  • I loved every minute I spent with my grandmothers. One grandmother was the most fabulous cook you could imagine. She also gardened and kept house meticulously. She taught me to properly make beds, can vegetables and fruits and cook.
  • My other grandmother was a glass artist and polical activist and I have followed in her footsteps. Ive brought along all of the lessons from my other grandmother as well. I would not hesitate to say that the two women above have completely shaped my life.
  • Building habitats for animals
  • I made things.
  • Made up dances and performed them on the dock for people going by in their boats hahahahaha Light up 🎤microphone stand sometimes haha.
  • Walk in the woods. Make mud pies in the outdoor play kitchen.
  • Played outside with my best friend.
  • Draw and make stuff.
  • Artmaking.
  • Read… ❤️ 📚
  • Ride my bike.
  • Talk to my Grandparents:)
  • Build houses out of wood blocks, legos or in the sand box.
  • I designed and sewed clothing for my baby doll.
  • lego and modeling clay.
  • Fishing with grandma, motorcycle riding with grandpa.
  • Reading; after devouring all the Nancy Drew Mystery books at the library, saved my $ to buy the next edition to come out at Holman’s Department store.
  • Read and play outside!
  • Read.
  • Cutting out paper dolls and then playing with them!!
  • Sewing in the basement.
  • Color and draw and paint build tree forts and hunt pollywogs
  • Fishing or swimming for hours on end!
  • Built improvements for my dollhouse.
  • Go to the beach all day, everyday.
  • Explored and created things from whatever we had. Refrigerator boxes from our neighbor became mansions, rocks and broken glass became a business (we got in big trouble on that one), but mostly we loved exploring and finding new exciting adventures. Every day was a new adventure, as it should be today.

After reading these messages, isn’t it interesting that we were outside a lot, reading, and being creative in a variety of ways?  I wish these things for my grandkids and all little people.

But, I can’t help but think, I need to take the time to enjoy these pleasures on a regular basis.  A new goal.


I don’t understand but the gallery sales have slowed down.  We have changed nothing.  All the same advertising, sharing on social media the stories of our fantastic pieces of pottery, glass, jewelry and wall art.  Weekly Live Videos, emails, and more.  I believe to my core that our artists are some of the best at their art medium.  Yes, there are many many talented people.  We represent such a small group of artists.  It’s puzzling.  I guess just keep working it.


I am working on an instillation project.  I am not going to talk about it yet.  But, it is a big project for me and I am excited about it.  It will be using porcelain clay and architectural.  I hope it comes together and goes out into the world.  We will see.  A picture from the past:

I don’t remember who purchased this group but I love them!  Time to revisit them.  Sarah, has been going back in our blog posts (more than ten years worth!).  She keeps sending me text messages “You made this?!”  I love it.  It’s been fun to look back.  Now, looking forward.

What have you been reading this past week?  I have been enjoying podcasts in the studio.  You might find something that interests you below:

A beautiful guide to colors in the Natural World

Women Artists All Summer

A conversation with Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

Criticism and what makes a potter

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and can take the time to play.  Take care, C2.

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