Studio, Gallery and Life: 39, Making Mugs

How was your week?  I made the time to work in my studio and it felt great to have my hands in porcelain clay.  I LOVE its texture.  Even, all of the rules you must follow to successfully work with this Diva.  Do you remember the fairy tale, “The Princess and the Pea”?  It doesn’t like to be too wet or too dry.

I think I have mentioned this before about my sand collections.  I use our Lake Michigan sand in one of my glazes for my mugs and houses.  I also collect sand when traveling.  I have ideas for its uses in the future.  For instance, I made a terra sigillata using sand from Sedona.  It’s a lovely red orange color.  I have sand from the Bahamas, Sanibel Island, Sarasota, Sedona, Kauai, Torrey Pines, CA, and of course, Lake Michigan.


sands from around the world

So, a couple dozen mugs and tumblers in process.  Several houses are in a variety of stages.  It feels great to be back in the studio!

Guess who turns one next week?  My Havaton puppy, Leo.  It’s been a busy, sometimes tense year.  He has mostly brought joy into our home.  He continues to be so very darn cute!  He loves fetching balls, chasing a pretend mouse, and the beach.  We love it that the sand fall right out of his fur.  Plus, the biggest winner, he truly doesn’t shed!

Leo the Havaton

We had a wonderful week in mug sales. If you have been toying with the idea of a new mug OR wanting to send a friend a small gift, how about a cup?  How do we use cups without handles in our house?  We drink coffee in the afternoon with them; we drink wine at night; water throughout the day; and iced tea anytime.

It’s mid August.  Enjoy the dog days of summer.  Please take good care,


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