Studio, Life and Gallery: 46, Art in the Yard

How was your week?  We had gorgeous and rainy days here in West Michigan.  Shhh.  Fall is on the way.  It’s been lovely here for several weeks.  It is getting cooler at night.  Have I told you that I really dislike being cold?  I have never been diagnosed for Raynaud’s Disease but I probably do have a mild version of it.  I can be walking with a friend and their hands are comfortable.  For me, they are frozen stiff and no longer have feeling in them.  In order to work in my yard or make glazes at this time of the year, I need to wear gloves.  Otherwise, I drop things.

Last night was a community art event called, “Art in the Yard”.  It was held at a local lumber yard.  10% of the art sales go are donated to our local schools.  It was so much fun seeing friends that I haven’t seen since March 2020.  We had lots of windows open and many people were wearing masks.  I haven’t seen the numbers yet but I heard our cow bells being rung several times throughout the night.  (We ring a bell each time a piece of art sells.)

Art in the yard

In the gallery and studio:

We have been putting in  a lot of hours re-vamping our website.  We are focused on sharing the JoyDrop Services:  think gifts for your girlfriends, co-workers, clients, and family.

You will still find a wide variety of pottery, jewelry, and wall art at C2C.  We have new mugs in the gallery by Schyler Binkley.  We love the speckles coming through the glaze.  These mugs feel great in your hands.  The taller mugs would be great for men with large hands or people who love a big cup of coffee, tea, or other warm beverage.  Maybe a beer?  One additional potter will be joining our group this Fall.  Hopefully, I will be able to introduce this artist next week.

Art in the Yard was a success.  I sold almost everything that I displayed there.  I am back in the studio making appetizer plates, mugs, and more.  I have new ideas that I plan to work on this winter.

Take good care this week.  I hear that there is still lots of great Fall Colors to be seen in Michigan.


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