Studio, Life and Gallery: 61, Settling Down and Getting Pottery Bowls Made

How are you?  March is always tough for me emotionally.  The end of winter with its gray days tricking us once in awhile with sunshine.  I become reclusive working in the studio and saying “no thank you to friend’s invitations”.  The days are getting longer and spring flowers are peaking out.  Seeing daffodils popping up and hearing the birds reminds me that warmer days are coming very soon.


Settling Down into the Studio:

Large porcelain nesting bowl

This past week, I was in the studio each afternoon and worked into the evening hours.  I have mugs, cereal bowls, nesting bowls, a few houses, and some vases.  Everything is drying, very slowly.  The bowl in the picture is 12 inches across.  I like the water-like movement on the outside of the bowl.  This new series is all about sand and water movement.


Being back in the States, mealtime is a bit different than in Europe.  As much as I love the slow food movement, when you eat alone, your dinner doesn’t last two hours.  It just doesn’t.  I did find a new food blogger, Maria Lichty, who has interesting recipes.  My daughter in law made a nice salad for one of our lunches from this foodie.  If you are looking for some new recipes, their website might help you.  I found several that I want to try.

ceramic serving bowl by cyndi casemier

I didn’t realize that my kids had so many of my ceramic bowls, platters, and mugs.  It was fun to see them again.

I have been to the gym 3 times a week and walking on alternate days.  Monday, a friend and I will start tai chi classes.  I have been wanting to do this for some time.  Of course, I still walk Leo three times a day.  He gets walked more often than my big dogs ever did in the past.

In the Gallery:

I want to remind you that Mother’s Day is coming – May 8.  To help you give that special woman a unique gift, we are offering 20% off all purchases through April 18, 2022.  Use the code: mothers day.

richard aerni ceramic baker

I would like to suggest that you consider Richard Aerni’s ceramic bakers and pitchers as gifts.  His bakers look wonderful with food in them and help make your dinner table special.  I use his bakers for roasts with veggies.  A large apple crisp would be wonderful in it too.  Aerni’s pitchers can be used in a lot of ways too.  I love to put flowers in them – tulips for spring.  Next to the stove for cooking utensils.  Of course, you can use them for beverages.

Take good care, C2

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