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The one thing Leo loves is when I am sitting in one place reading. He prefers Kindle reading so that my one hand is free to give him belly rubs. He really dislikes it when I move. I am working at simplifying my household.  Hopefully, it will give me a bit more calm as I live in my home.  Leo isn’t going to like my emptying of closets. It makes him think that I am taking off for another trip.  I am trying to lose some of the excess clothing that I own.  I am positive a woman would love wearing the pieces that I just don’t wear anymore. Have you been thinking of emptying closets this Spring?

Leo reading with me

Books that I have read recently and you might find interesting:

A long petal of the sea by isabel allende

south to america by imani perry

Cell by Robin Cook

The lost girls of devon


I have been walking Leo three times a day and a couple of times a week with friends.  Maybe two times a week to the gym.  I have kept up with the Tai Chi classes.  We are almost through Part I of the moves.  After about 8 weeks of starting and stopping the classes, I am beginning to know the routine and positions.  Mentors and counselors have recommended Tai Chi for me over the years.  Slow me down and quiet for an hour.  Plus, it is great for balance skills.  I think I am hooked. 😊

I have been diligently working in the studio for my June shows.  A month long one at Gallery Uptown.  One day show with Lakeshore Visual Arts Collective.

gallery uptown June 2022

If you would like to see what I have been working on, go to my instagram account:,

Take care everyone, Cyndi

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