Studio, Life and Gallery Musings, 10

Studio, Life and Gallery Musings, 10.

What a whirlwind week. I have been working until 9:30 pm daily for the last three weeks. Yup, I am tired.

Working on advertising, taking pictures of new items, strategizing how to market different pieces of artwork during the day until about 2. (Isn’t the above picture fabulous? A customer took it and sent it to me. This is what your purchase looks like when you buy art from the gallery. A nice bag with a handmade ceramic gift tag. A surprise and a thank you card.).

Did I tell you that we have a puppy? We are working hard to train him to be a good companion. So, Leo (the puppy) hangs out with me until Bruce can get home. I work on the “business” side of C2C with Leo at my feet. I take breaks from the gallery to remind him of the things we are learning: stay, sit, wait, down, no, come. Of course, potty training. So, we head outside every hour to hour and a half.

Leo literally sitting on my feet while I stand at the island typing on my laptop.

Then, I head into the studio. I have two dozen beach mugs and bowls. Several new platters and serving bowls related to our lakeshore and lodge pole pines. This is the last making session of 2020. Bisque starting tomorrow night and glazing next week.

It was Bruce’s birthday this weekend. He said that he wanted sausage, biscuits, and gravy for breakfast. For his dinner with the grandkids, daughter and son in law, food for the little people: Nathan’s hot dogs, homemade Mac and Cheese, veggies, hummus, cider, and cheesecake. He appreciated all of the food. Two of the four grandkids are sleeping over. And yes, they are asleep.

Tomorrow, back to the studio. Maybe Holiday cards will get addressed. It’s a different December this year. I hope you and your family is healthy. Take good care, C2.

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