Studio, Life and Gallery Musings, 12

Studio, Life and Gallery Musings, 12

Whew!  What a week.  Managing a business with a puppy in the house is interesting. Plus, finding a way to work in the studio has been tough.  I feel badly about being in my studio every night until 9pm for the last month. Working late is probably not great for relationships.  It seems to be the only way to get work done in the studio.  Leo doesn’t like his crate. Plus, we want him to think of his crate for sleep not punishment.   His playpen is too big for my studio.  I wait for Bruce to get home and then head into the studio.  For now, the kitchen island is my desk.  I can kick a ball around for Leo while typing on the computer.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, though.  Leo now knows his name; will wait; sit; down if not distracted; sleeps all night without accidents; and almost always stops biting if I ask him soon enough.  He will be a good adult dog.  Just have to get there.  Yup, he is in our tub.

dog in a tub

Last year, I bought a bag of black clay.  I finally used it up creating serving platters or charcuterie trays.  Plus, serving bowls.  Lots of mugs are in this firing – using Lake Michigan Beach sand.  New serving bowls too.  They have texture on the outside that relates to water or sand movement.  I am keeping my fingers that each piece fires as envisioned. This is the last firing of the year.

This was the last firing for 2020.  I am hoping to get a bit more normalcy into my days.  Walking daily, working out, cooking, reading, balancing the business checkbook, and more.  We are still in lock down due to Covid.  At times, I want to just be exhausted by it all.  Then, I remind myself, that I have a warm home and food.  Yes, I would like to see my kids.  But, God willing , I will see them soon.

A Solstice poem that was in my in-box yesterday.  “Let’s take a breath and rest”. I hope it resonates with you.

A Solstice Blesssing

by Padriag O Tuama

As night stretches here,

day contracts elsewhere.

And in their night, we are

bathed in light.  In all nights

there is light; in long days

there can be ache too.


For you, we call the sun

to stand still a while, and

the moon too, and the stars, and

the waters and the heavens.

Hells as well – just for a

second; just for a breath.


May the breath rest you.

And may each breath rest you,

as it has until now, and now and now.  This one, after

that one, after that one after


Be well and take good care,


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