Studio, Life and Gallery Musings, 13

Studio, Life and Gallery Musings, 13

Yesterday, I thought a little about writing a blog post.  I have been trying to write weekly.  A reflection of work accomplished in the studio; gallery efforts; and just life.  I wasn’t going to write.  A friend sent me a suggestion saying that I should listen to this podcast.  I woke this morning with a second full day of headaches.  Just one more thing, adding more disappointments to 2020.  I decided to stay home and not visit Bruce’s grandchildren.  He went without me.  So, it’s Leo and me, at home.  I will zoom with my kids in about an hour.

I have been thinking about small gestures that can be done for neighbors and friends.  It’s all we need to do.  Last night, a message was sent saying that there were luminaires set up Grand Avenue in Grand Haven.  Someone had made the effort to get Ball jars, candles, and line several blocks with these lights.  We took and ride to see them; then drove to the beach (the wind was still blowing pretty hard); and over to my moms.  I stood in the garage; she in the doorway.  “Merry Christmas, mom”.  Merry Christmas, honey.”

I took ten minutes to listen to a Vermont podcast talking about small towns and being kind to one another.  It made me smile.  I hope you have a minute to listen.

Take good care, C2

P.S.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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