Studio, Life, and Gallery Musings, 14

Studio, Life, and Gallery Musings, 14

It’s New Year’s evening. Quiet in the house. Do you dream? I do very vividly. Lately, I awaken energized with new ideas, new gallery marketing, and small ways to change my world. I’m recalling experiences with others that never occurred, and recognizing the people in my dreams. The people in my dreams are pulled from different areas of my life past and present. Very weird.

As 2021 begins, I have lots of questions, hope, and ideas, so much so that I’m more enthusiastic about my days than I can remember. So, here it is Sunday morning, and I am thinking about the gallery, my studio work, family, and personal life.

I have used paper planners and journals for years. I store the previous ones in one bookcase. (As I file them away, I think of my daughter going through them upon my death.  I hope she learns all kinds of things about my life and dreams.) Last year, I bought a paper planner for Sarah, my gallery manager. Used together, we seemed more organized. But, I love technology. A strange thing since I am a clay artist. So, I am learning a new skill – digital planning. My head is spinning with information and pdf files. I will get there. A good friend said that they loved their digital planners.

So, a did a little research.  Here is what I chose for the digital planner and the application to be used with it.  I purchased a planner from Laurel Studio.  She operates through Etsy.

digital planner


She suggested using GoodNotes, version 5 application on your ipad or tablet.  GoodNotes has won lots of awards for functionality, so I went with them.  I have taken the time to listen to Laurel’s tutorials and started adding items into the planner.

I did get into my studio for about three hours yesterday.  I made paperclay and started a new large open bowl.  New ideas on how to add feet to it.  We will see how it turns out.


Love the movement.  I am thinking of water and sand movement that we see here along Lake Michigan.  Always changing.  I hear that there is a sandbar today keeping the water close to shore very shallow.  Leo is loving it.

Leo, the studio pup

Tonight, I will be zooming with my clay sisters from across North America.  It will be wonderful to see their faces and catch up.  Life is definitely how we decide to look at it.  I am voting for through rose colored glasses.  It’s all “art for your life”.  Take care, c2.

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