Studio and Life Musings, 4

Studio and Life Musings, 4. I have been trying to think of a good overall title for my weekly journaling of progress in the studio, gallery, and home. I am thinking “Creative Life” might not be a good title. Have to think more about this.

WE GOT A PUPPY! So cute, but what were we thinking! I keep reminding myself and being reminded that in two months, life will be easier. We are on a schedule – his schedule. We named our new family member, Leo, after Leo Tolstoy.

Leo Tolstoy, the author? Yes. I think on my third date with Bruce, we started talking about books that we had read. He learned that I love James Michener and Jim Harrison as authors. I have read almost all of their books. Bruce was impressed that I had read the large Michener books. Ahem! I am not just a potter. Then, further into the conversation, we discovered that we had both read, War and Peace. I think at some point in the night, Bruce said “I can’t believe that we have both read these large books.”

So, our little Havanese/Coton de Tulear, is named Leo. He is soft, cuddly, learning rules quickly, and has slept through the night since we brought him home. Dexter, my daughter’s cat, doesn’t know what to do with him.

Dexter watching Leo.

Last week, Sarah and I got to spend two hours with Julie Devers in her studio. We recorded her throwing on the potter’s wheel. This artist talk will be public next week. We had a great time talking about pottery. Plus we picked up new vases from Jeff Blandford.

Julie Devers, artist at work

Me, what have I accomplished this week? Drove to Wisconsin and back to pick up the pup; started training a puppy (what????); cleaned my studio; worked on advertising; a new service called “Joy Drop”; new logos, and got a bisque kiln firing.

I would like to leave you with a quote:

“Autumn is an achingly beautiful season even though, deep in our hearts, we know it is the season of dying. It teaches us that the fruits of a lifetime are often gathered near the end. It teaches us that we show our true colors as life wanes. It teaches us that death is not a thing unto itself, it is simply the other side of life. It teaches us that dying can be elegant and very beautiful too.”

~Rob McCall

Take good care, and enjoy some golden leaves. C2.

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