What a whirlwind week! It was the first week of the month which means an Artist Talk needs to be produced and ready for gallery friends.

Bookkeeping, shipping, marketing, advertising, and work in the studio. And then,……Sarah calls saying that she was in the ER the previous evening.  Oh no!!!

So, a curve ball. Sarah’s health is the most important concern. Everything else can be handled another day. I always tell her, “we don’t perform brain surgery. No one will die if the “to do’s” don’t get done today or this week.”  Sarah needs to focus on getting better.  Sleep, take your meds, drink a lot of fluids, and sleep some more.  

Did I tell you that we have a new puppy?  He is very cute, fun, and keeping us on our toes.

Meet Leo. 10 weeks old.

So, some office work. Some puppy training. Office work. Clean up after puppy. I think you get my drift. No studio this week.

But, we did produce a newsletter, a video sharing our studio visit to Julie Devers’ pottery studio. I hope you enjoy it. I certainly did.

Click on this image to watch our video

Grab your favorite beverage, find a comfortable chair, and listen/watch or save it for a work out. Its fun watching Julie create pots on her wheel and talk about life as a ceramic artist.


Did I mention that Sarah was out all week, sick? When this happens, I end up focusing on all kind of things – the website, artists, web design, and more. During the week, I decided it was time to update our image and align it with a new service – Joy Drop.  

What is “Joy Drop”?

Its a service where you select a piece of artwork, include other locally sourced products such as:  Fortinos’  or Aldea Coffee; Blueberry Haven candies; Grand Haven Vinegar & Oils; a gift certificate from The Bookman or Garden House Floral.  Another idea is to make a monetary donation to Feed America or Children’s Food Basket in someone’s memory.  We will shop for you and/or make the donation on your behalf.  Package the gift nicely and deliver it – for Free.  We are still tweaking the website so that you can shop easily.    

Anita Yoder, my web designer, and Mary Lanka, my graphic designer, worked hard this week and got a lot accomplished.  “Thank you, you two.  You are so talented.  I am lucky to have you working with me.”

Why I love this service?

Did you visit C2C when it was a brick and mortar gallery in Grand Haven? Community involvement was at the core of my business model.  We helped artists sell their art; we hired musicians monthly for First Fridays; organized student shows; plus student artwork hung on banners throughout the downtown.  Over the years, we hosted events to raise money for local nonprofits.  Joy Drop can be this:  connecting you to artists; other small businesses; and helping those in need. 

In my mind, a win-win.  I hope you agree.  

Take good care, 


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