It’s been beautiful here in Michigan.  It wasn’t a white Holiday week.  I did miss seeing the white stuff on the ground for Christmas Eve and Day.  BUT, we had Blue skies.

grand haven lighthouse in december 2019

Thank you to Bob Walma for this image out at our Grand Haven Lighthouse.  Do you see the frozen catwalk?  Without icebergs protecting our waterfront, the waves are enormous hitting this protective wall.

Last week, while walking I was taking a picture and a wave caught me unaware. Luckily, I had wool socks on!  I just had to get this picture:

Grand Haven' south beach, Michigan

We were out taking our daily beach walk.  We wander just to be outside and look for beach glass.  I had on hiking boots with those metal loops for the laces.  The laces are rather long, so I double knot them tucking them into my boots.  All of a sudden, my feet are tangled. I can’t take another step!  I fall face first into the sand!  Laughing, I wondered “what in the world!”  I can be such a klutz!  My boot laces had hooked on to the other’s metal lacing loops.  Looking down, I see the problem.  Dust myself off.  No damage.  An hour later, I tripped again.  At least this time, I caught myself.  I think I need to cut those laces.  Don’t you?

While on the ground, look what I saw:

ice patterns in lake michigan beach sand

Did you know that I use our Lake Michigan sand for glaze?  We have been gathering the black sand for glaze exploration this winter.  Now, I have sand from:  Sedona, AZ; Lake Michigan (black and white);  Sanibel Island, Florida; Harbor Island; the Bahamas; Siesta Key, Florida.

sand types from all over the world

The color differences are very interesting.  I can’t wait to get to testing this January.  Take care, C2.

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