Summer has officially started with Memorial Day

Summer has officially started with Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day, a rainy and cold one.  We decided to attend our local Memorial Day Parade, no matter what the weather.  I haven’t been to one in a long time.   The children squealed in delight at the planes flying overhead.  The planes flew in formation several times around the area.

The proud World War II, Korean, and Vietnam Vets rode, marched, and walked the parade route.  Bystanders stood, clapped, smiled, and many were teary-eyed watching these men go by.  At one point, a group stopped, and played “Taps”.  


 Many kids decorated their bikes just so they could ride in the parade was a memory of my past.


It was good to have paused for just a few moments being thankful for those who have fought for this country and


Grand Haven Musical Fountain


 to remember all that is good.

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