Sunshine or No Sunshine, Which do you prefer?

Sunshine or No Sunshine, Which do you prefer?

I am never sure which I prefer, our lakeshore in the summer or the winter.  Obviously, I love to be warm and feel the sun.  But, during the winter months, our waterfront changes dramatically from day to day.  You can walk along the shore seeing entirely different ice formations on a daily basis.

One of C2C’s photographers, Bob Walma, continues to capture the beauty of Lake Michigan and its ever changing scenery.

You can purchase  Bob Walma’s images  through the gallery or online.  Bob teaches photography lessons throughout the year;  shoots graduation and family portraits;  and helps out in the gallery once a week.   Last year, he created a campaign to raise awareness about the needs to restore  Grand Haven’s Coal Tipple.

Coal Tipple Art Photograph by Bob Walma

For me,  I can’t help but  wrestle with how to get what I see on to the surface of a pot.  Always the potter.  Have a good day.