Suspended Animation Sculptures

Happy New Year. It’s 2020! Did you know that you should write 2020 as the year instead of just “20” on checks or legal documents? Someone could alter your doc changing it back to 2019, etc. Maybe not too relevant for a personal check but on a legal document, it could affect you in a big way.

We are on a goat rodeo today. Headed, eventually, to Cleveland. Of course, that means stopping at artist studios along the way. Matthew Paskiett, one of our two glass blowers, lives in Holland, Ohio. He has a fabulous studio with lots of ideas for 2020. Lots of space for staging projects. His staff is very friendly and clearly loves working with Matthew.

Glass blower matthew paskiet

For me, visiting an artist’s studio is like a child in a candy shop. Lots of oh’s and ah’s, spending almost an hour just looking. Matt told me that he has lots of ideas to explore this year – fused glass, cold-working, and casting. Along, with glass blowing.

Matthew paskiet glass artist


New this year – Suspended Animation Sculptures

Suspended Animation Glass Sculpture

Suspended Animation Art glass sculpture by Matthew Paskiet

Stop in to see the new art glass. It will be in the gallery on January 7, 2020! Have a great day! Have fun. C2.

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