The Importance Of Glass

The Importance Of Glass
At C2C, you will find art of many mediums and styles.  We have art that is meant to be used every day and art that is meant to please your soul every time you view it.
Paskiett Glass Azul
Matthew Paskiet
We are fortunate to have two glass artists that create some of the most stunning pieces.  They create one of a kind glass, plus wonderful tumblers and bourbon glasses that have a special place in my heart.  Take a look at the items on our website.  Better yet, come in and check them out.
A very interesting part of the history of glass makers is that the serious glass craft really began in Venice, Italy.  It was a source of income for the Venetians.  However, most of the island buildings were made of wood.  The glassmakers needed at least 1000 degrees to create their work.
As you may imagine, they had the habit of things getting out of hand and burning villages down.  (This was long before Venice was built mostly of stone.)  In 1291, the city government banished all glass blowers to the island of Murano, which lies in Venice’s northern lagoon about 3.5 miles away.
To this day, Murano island is considered a fabulous destination where stunning art is created.