The Mingei Tradition in the Midwest: Warren MacKenzie and Beyond

The Mingei Tradition in the Midwest: Warren MacKenzie and Beyond

Last Fall, I had a chance to visit my son and daughter-in-law in Minneapolis.  They were generous with their time, taking me to the local art museum and driving me to a couple of potter’s studios.  One of them being Warren MacKenzie.  It was such a pleasure to meet him in person, visit his gallery, and home.   Warren is known for his quiet functional pots and educating many fantastic potters.

MacKenzie stoneware boxMacKenzie Stoneware Box


Yesterday, I received a blog post about one of the Milwaukee Ceramic Exhibits.  I had pretty much decided that I was not going to attend the March ceramics conference, but this has me rethinking my decision.

Mingei TraditionThe Mingei Tradition in the MidWest

Check out the article written about this show.  It is most definitely worth the trip to Milwaukee.  Hint:  There will be many other wonderful Ceramic Exhibits there in March due to the National Ceramics Conference (NCECA)  being held there.  I wish the ferry was running between Muskegon and Milwaukee.   No question, if it was running, I would be at NCECA.

One of the potters at C2C works in this style:  Julie Devers.  Her work is quiet, but if you look closely, so much information.  Julie pieces are almost always functional.  Plus, priced very reasonably.  Ask me about Julie Dever’s work  when you stop into the gallery next time.

everyday bowl by Julie Devers