How are you? In Michigan, businesses are starting to re-open. I am not sure how I feel about this. I know on one level, that they need to re-open for the sake of our economy. Plus, small businesses are one part of how our communities socialize. But, then, I worry about Covid-19. So many unknowns with this virus. Sarah had a great idea last week and ran with it. She created a page within our website that shows how our customers are using their artwork purchased at C2C Gallery. We love receiving these photos and glimpses into our client’s lives.

I received an email from a friend this week sharing how she has used my handmade pottery over the years. I wasn’t aware that she had so many pieces of my ceramics. (This happens when you are fortunate enough to have staff in your gallery). I had forgotten these pieces. Check out how lovely!

Dinner on a handmade plate

Then, later in the day, a fellow ceramic artist, posted a tray that I had made for his wife. This meal looks fabulous! Makes me hungry for scallops.

Whether you are using handmade pottery, wearing hand-fabricated jewelry, or hanging original wall art, it’s all “art for your every day life”. Connecting you with the creative humans who bring beauty into our lives. Just think, someone took the time to make something lovely, using their two hands, just for your enjoyment.

Check out our new page: “This is art for your life.” Please do send us images of how you are using your artwork. You can email them to

Take good care, c2.


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