This Land is Your Land. I snuck out of town this week for two days and headed to Chicago. I love that city with it’s great architecture, waterfront, museums, and more. My mom used to always say to me, “keep your eyes open, you never know what you will see”. I saw a lot.

Lakeshore Drive headed into Chicago

I try to visit Lill Street Art Center several times a year. It’s great if you are a clay artist or a collector. Plus, they have a nice cafe and classes.

Noel Bailey ceramics vermont artist

The picture of the skyline was our view after leaving Lill Street. That fog moved in and out over the next two days. Have you ever taken the architectural boat tour? It’s a fun way to see the city from a different angle. You will learn a lot about Chicago while you float the river bends.

We headed out to Navy Pier and found this water tower instillation by Ivan Navarro. He used water towers which are a fixture in the NYC and Chicago skylines but added his thoughts on immigration. Or, I should say, wants us to pause and consider what we believe with regard to immigration issues in the United States. Ivan lives in Brooklyn immigrating from Chile.

Art instillation by Ivan Navarro

Just a water tower? Nope, look inside…..

Ivan Navarro art instillation Chicago

Ivan Navarro art instillation Chicago

Children’s art is also found close to the Lincoln Park Zoo. An artist used children’s drawings to create metal sculpture exhibiting them in the landscape.

Bear art at Lincoln park zoo

Children’s art at Lincoln park zoo

A fun two days. I am ready to get back to work and be creative. Have a great day, C2

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