Virtual Exhibit with Julie Devers Pottery

We are hosting these virtual exhibits to help you see the artwork almost in person and help you get more comfortable with purchasing online.  Today, I hosted a live Facebook event sharing Julie Devers’ Pottery. A video of the live feed was recorded so that you can watch it now.

Julie is a West Michigan potter known for her quiet, thoughtfully designed pottery. Each piece’s form is considered so that who ever owns it will enjoy using it daily.

Tulipiere Vase by Julie Devers

Ms. Devers’ bowls have nice curves inside and out so that food is easily attained. Her bowls stack nicely within each other, too.

medium sized bowl

Wood fired serving bowl – medium sized.

Baking Dishes have nice smooth flat bottoms for easy in and out of the oven to the table. Then, to the refrigerator for storage.

Porcelain Bake Dish by Julie Devers

Bake Dish

But, enough with my commentary, let’s watch how Julie’s pots fit in my hands and how they look in a live feed.

Virtual Exhibit – please watch

Click the image or here to watch our video

After our Live Event, Julie sent me some messages and I thought I would share them with you.  With regard to this Bourbon or Whiskey Sipper:

wood fired bourbon glass by Julie Devers

Whiskey or Bourbon Sipper

Do you see the small circular inclusions?  They are from Chicken Grit being added to her clay body when making this cup.  Chicken Grit has that has mineral rocks in it such as:  quartz, felspar and more.  They pop out during firing and cause interesting effects in the cup.  Julie prefers Irish Whiskey for sipping (just saying).  

Julie also sent a comment talking about this low bowl/serving platter:

Wood Fired Low Bowl II by Julie Devers

Wood Fired Low Bowl

That is was one of the more challenging compositions that she has made recently.  She says “you might not think so because it flows so naturally.  The subtle suggestion of a handle.”  I think she was successful in pulling all of the elements together.  All of these pots are for sale and available online.  Feel free to call or email us with questions.  

Take good care, C2.


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