Virtual Exhibit with Marion Angelica – Sculpturally Oriented Functional Pottery

On Wednesdays, I am hosting Virtual Exhibits,  where I share the artwork of an artist in the gallery.

This week, I shared Marion Angelica’s pottery.  Marion works in porcelain and says, “Porcelain has captured me – hands and heart.”

Hand Built Teapot by Marion Angelica

Marion is a Minnesota clay artist who began as a sculptor.

Marion has a bachelor’s of art degree in sculpture from the University of Massachusetts.  A Master’s of Art in ceramics from the University of Minnesota-Duluth and a Master’s of Fine Art in ceramics from the University of New York-New Paltz.  In 2012 and 2013, Ms. Angelica was awarded the Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Award. 

She worked in retail in NYC.  Worked on a Kibbutz and as a nanny in Israel.  Also attended art school there.

Then, returned to Minnesota – worked in the non-profit world while kids were young.  Loved being a mom.  When, her youngest went to college, she began again – in the clay world.  This time functional ceramics. Her clay work is about texture, nature, and pushing boundaries. Most importantly, she likes the ability to use art in your daily life. Marion can throw on the potter’s wheel but loves hand-building.  She loves to go as far as the porcelain will allow by squeezing, folding, and bending it, forming interesting bowls, mugs, teapots, and more.

Hand Built Tea Bowls by Marion Angelica

Marion says, “I believe that authentic art of all kinds requires honed skills and aesthetic sensibilities in combination with openness to accepting unanticipated happy d, I find my most successful pieces often take shape when I carefully watch and feel what the clay does and respond to it. The result is that I have come full circle in my working life. I am back working in the studio with a vengeance and am back to building my career as a ceramic artist who is still madly in love with clay.”

When Marion chose to re-activate her ceramics career, this artist decided that she would create sculpturally oriented functional work. I made this decision for several reasons.

  • I want the scale and price of my work to be accessible to people who appreciate art, but are not necessarily wealthy arts patrons.
  • I would like my work to primarily reside in homes or offices rather than in museums.
  • I want my creations to be sculptural, but I want to add the challenge of designing them to be used for living rather than simply for viewing.
  • I would like people to live intimately with my creations by handling them and making them part of their celebrations, rituals and pleasures.
  • And, only half jokingly, I add, “I do not want my children to have to clear out a basement of sculptural work after I die.”

Please take a few minutes and watch my video sharing her pottery.  They are very lovely and finely crafted.

Virtual exhibit Marion Angelica pottery

(Watch the Video Here)

All of Marion’s pottery is available for purchase online.  I hope my video assisted you in finding a new piece of pottery for yourself or to be given as a gift. Take good care, C2.

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