Virtual Lunch with Stephen Kostyshyn’s Ceramic Baskets

A big “oops”!!  So what did I do wrong?  I hosted a Virtual Lunch with Stephen Kostyshyn’s Ceramic Baskets yesterday and forgot to record it.  So, it is stuck in Facebook land.  I apologize to those of you who don’t have a Facebook account.  I am human.  Prone to make mistakes once in awhile.  I did figure out a work around.  So, you can watch it here.

I heard from my daughter that I did a good job yesterday sharing my respect and love of Stephen Kostyshyn‘s craftsmanship in both ceramics and basketry.  Click on the image to watch me share Stephen’s artwork:

or click here

What do I like about Stephen’s art?

  • The basket’s symmetry.
  • His color choices for his glazes and the texture of their surfaces.
  • I like the woven patterns that he creates.
  • I like that the ceramic portion of the piece is well crafted – not too heavy.
  • I like how the pieces sit on a table.
  • I love his vases that allow me to display freshly cut flowers in a basket.
  • I love that he is the only artist, that I have found, creating this type of work.

Please have a look at Stephen’s artwork and consider purchasing one today.  Take care, C2.

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