Did you get a “weekend”?

For years, I haven’t had a weekend. What I mean is, two days off of work in a row. I believe that as a creative, we are never NOT working. When, we take walks or drives, we are looking around, absorbing our surroundings, and thinking about what resonates with us (me). Who else agrees with me? That as a potter, painter, sculptor, we are always thinking about the next project.

There is a business in our town, called “Whiz Bang Retailing”. It’s a consulting firm for small retail businesses. They are well known for their tools and tactics. Susan and Bob Negan, have about 50 years retail experience together. They know what they did when owning a retail business and why it worked for them. Better yet, they help other business owners. Ok, I digress. Bob and Susan strongly recommend that you take at least one day off a week from your business. It’s hard to do.

Yesterday, I did take the day off but did I really? We helped out in a soup kitchen with my sister and brother in law. Did some yard work, got sweaty and dirty. Then, biked to the beach. We live in this beautiful area where you can bicycle to a local beach and walk the lakeshore for hours. Miles and miles of white sand and water. All for free!Sunset at Grand Haven michigan beach

Did you know that there is gold dust in the veins of black sand along our Lake Michigan shores? I didn’t until yesterday. It has me thinking about collecting some, adding it to my beach glaze to see how it fires.

Lake Michigan beach

See the black sand at the bottom of the picture? Do you also see the boat? How in the world did that boat get buried there? What year and model is it? Have a great week everyone. Do something creative. C2.

Pylons in Lake Michigan.

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