What is a pot? 

Cynthia Bringle casserole


A pot is not
Just any gray
Little bowl of clay
A pot is a pot
For daffodils
Or a porridge pot
Or a pot for pills
Cruets and goblets
Jars and jugs
Platters and plates
And trays and mugs
Shallow pots
Or dark and deep
Pot to give
And pots to keep
Touch them, hold them,
Pick them up
Batter bowl
Or sake cup
And feel the curve
Of earth and sky
Kitchen warm
Or springtime shy
A pot is mood
Of many hues
But most of all
A pot is to use

Cynthia Bringle


Cynthia Bringle, a well known North Carolina potter, includes this poem with her pottery.  I think it says it all.  I was fortunate to attend a workshop this spring where she was a presenter.  She is a delight on stage and off, genuine, with her feet firmly planted on the ground.

Julie Wiggins, Cynthia Bringle, Mark Skudlarek

Julie Wiggins, Cynthia Bringle, Mark Skudlarek