What is the meaning of culture, either high or low?

What is the meaning of culture, either high or low?

Andy Warhol said, “Being good in business is the most fascinating art.”

Andy Warhol’s Marolyn Monroe screen print

Read that again – being good in business is the most fascinating art. Hmmmm. Can owning a business be an art form? Definitely. I am thinking of all of the skills I use on a weekly basis – photographic, marketing ads, promotions, managing people, crafting language to discuss art, gallery displays, window displays, accounting, and actively listening to both artists and customers.

I never really liked Andy Warhol’s artwork until I attended a lecture at the Chicago Art Institute. Plus, after learning more about printmaking with Lee Ann Frame, I have a much better appreciation for his techniques. Now, when I look at his huge original, hand-pulled prints, I am amazed at his ability to pull color through a screen. Plus, do it repeatedly. I agree with his statement that being good in business is an art form. For me, it’s a constant dance with me trying to do it gracefully. I work hard to have my staff and our customers believe it is effortless to manage a gallery and our artists. Sometimes, I succeed.

Oh, the goat rodeo. We visited the Cleveland Museum of Art. It’s a lovely facility. The original marble museum was built in 1916. The expansion that created an atrium the size of football field was completed in 2013. I found it interesting that they have bamboo growing there.

The atrium inside the Cleveland Art Museum

So, what caught my attention inside the museum? I love the Asian Bronzes.Wine vessel Asian bronze at the Cleveland art museum

Porcelain vessel mimicking the Asian bronze wine vessels


The Houses of Parliment from Westminister by Andre Derain, mature fauvres

Karl Schmidt Rottluff self portrait cubism

Mixed media German artist artwork regarding nazi’s destruction

Robert Rauschenberg mixed media

One last piece – a Cubist sculpture from 1915:

Detachable Figure (Dancer), Cubist sculpture by Jacques Lipchitz

I hope that you have had a good weekend. Take care, C2