Recently a friend asked me two questions: “What would you take home today? What would you purchase from the gallery right now?”

Cyndi Casemier and staff at the C2C gallery

I would buy this painting by Mark Mehaffey. It’s of a moon rise. Have you ever seen the moon rise over water on a clear night? I have and it’s a spectacular sight. Whenever, I walk by this painting, I remember the evening that I saw the full moon rising.

Moon rising acrylic painting by Mark Mehaffey

The artwork that I would take home today is a ceramic basket by Marion Angelica. It is truly an amazing piece. It’s made of porcelain with lots of wonderful markings and a life of its own. The surface has movement in it by the way that she chose to place markings. It’s handle is a wonder that it survived two kiln firings. I work in porcelain and know that it’s a miracle that it is available to our customers. Wait! Sarah just texted me. A client saw my instagram posting about it and had to have it. Darn! I really wanted to add that to my ceramic collection. I will be waiting for another fabulous piece by Marion.

Ceramic basket by Marion Angelica

Have a great day, everyone. I plan to be in the studio this afternoon glazing pots. C2.

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