What’s on your kitchen counter?Tweet-heart bird by Tonya Rund

Always something or several handmade pieces of pottery. Plus several articles to be read or at least skimmed, from The NY Times or an arts magazine. I believe that they go well with morning coffee.

We have a Tonya Rund Tweet-Heart Bird that moves around our house when a mess is left that will be cleaned up in the near future. Both of us, are neat-Nik’s, but sometimes life is just too busy.

Porcelain tray sets. Time passages. Batter bowls.

Porcelain mugs with Lake Michigan beach sand glaze, stars, spoons rests, soap dishes, Christmas ornaments, lighthouses

What are all of the tomato soup cans and pasta for? Well, kids’ goulash! Of course! I have had my coffee, blueberries, granola, and yogurt. On my way into the studio, my goal is two more firings in 2019. I am not sure if I will make it. Sarah and Julie will be covering the sales at C2C Gallery, while I am making new porcelain pieces. What’s being made? Bells, plates, mugs, serving bowls, trays, a few memory houses, and more. Take care, and I hope there is some sunshine in your life. C2.

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