Wine Tastings to Your Liking

What!  Something new in the gallery?  Wine Tastings.

I discovered,  Scout and Cellar,  a 2 year old Texan company, who is sourcing clean, crafted wines.  We will taste different organic wines selected to your liking. Please call the gallery to discuss organizing a private wine tasting, 616-935-7337. If you would like to organize a group of friends or business partners, we can host in the location of your choosing.


Because, clean-crafted wines work perfectly with handmade art.  Just think – a wine created by a small vineyard.  No chemicals used to grow the grapes.  No sugars added while making the wine.  No chemicals added to make the wine look better, etc.  Just the real deal – THE WINE!

I love drinking wine from a hand-blown glass or ceramic tumbler.

handblown wine glass and scout and cellar wine

S&C supports families who are farming naturally with NO synthetic pesticides – Sustainable, organic, and or biodynamic farming methods – Most harvested from OLD growth vines. Clean crafted wine from around the world.  Each winery is hand selected by Sarah, the owner of this company.  The vineyards are owned by families who harvest the grapes and create the wines themselves.

Meet Sarah Shadonix, a Texas litigator, who was tired of getting headaches when enjoying wine.  So, like any good attorney, she started doing her homework.  Sarah became a level three sommelier and created “Scout & Cellar”.  She started Scout and Cellar to share her discoveries and spread the word about clean-crafted wine.  Because not only are they better for you – they will change the way that you enjoy wine.


Did you know that many of the wines that we purchase have additional sugars, chemicals, and dyes in them?  I didn’t!  I try to organic food and watch my sugar intake – never did I consider that I should pay attention to the type of wine that I enjoy.

wine available under $30

I think this is a fun addition to the gallery.  I hope you will join us some evening.  Take care, C2.

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