Cyndi Casemier Ceramics

Inspired by the Lakeshore.  Handmade Pottery.

Bowls, Mugs, Home Decor & Small Sculpture.

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“I have always been in love with beaches.”

“I grew up in a Lake Michigan beach town. We spent lots of time in the water, at the beach, and walking in the woods.  Spin forward, I am now raising my family and working. We moved across the country to Vermont.  I needed a way to meet people and took my first clay class.”

“I fell in love with clay.” 

Bob Walma waterfront Lake Michigan

Small batch pottery inspired by water and sand movement

along our Lake Michigan sand dunes.

The colors and textures plus tranquility of living life at the Lake.  

sand dune on Lake Michigan

Working for years honing my craft, one comment has stuck with me.  I was attending a national ceramics conference.  The show was both functional and sculptural ceramics. 

A fellow artist approached me and said that she had been watching me for several minutes.  She asked what kind of pottery I made.  I told her functional – mostly.  I stammered.  Not sure.  The woman said I think you should consider sculpture. It seems that is what you are curious about in this exhibit.  

It took going to Portugal to find my path in clay.

ceramic beach vessel by cyndi casemier

cyndi casemier working in ceramic studio

beach vessel

Cyndi’s Beach Vessels are one of a kind ceramic pieces.  They are hand-built porcelain open bowls or tall containers.  On the exterior you will see and feel Lake Michigan Beach Sand incorporated into the exterior glaze.  On the inside you find a color meant to remind you of the seasons:  white for winter; green for spring; blue shino glaze for water and summer time fun; and an Asian orange shino glaze for glorious sunsets and autumn.   Each vessel is unique.  Organic.  They are wonderful on a dining room table, in an entryway, or even on a beautiful patio overlooking a lake or ocean.

“Hopefully, my simple forms quietly remind you of sand or water movement.  Recently, I realized that my carving patterns related to the bark on trees in our midwest forests. My work is always evolving. I hope my vessels can live with you and help you create a warm, comfortable space. I hope my work quietly embodies a sense of nature and place.”


“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.” – E. E. Cummings

atlantic ocean in portugal