2013 Video Wrap up

I thought I would put our videos for the year in one posting, plus a few others that interested me.

Bob Walma and Susan Picking spent an evening,  gathering enough footage with the kids to make a “12 Days of Christmas, C2C style”.  Several of our students were good sports and sang with Susan.  This is the last video of the series published:

Raising Money for an engineering study to restore Grand Haven’s Coal Tipple, Bob Walma created this video to make people laugh and learn about the history of the structure.

Tom Edwards made a time lapsed video showing him unload and re-load a kiln.  As usual, he made it look fun, easy, and not a problem to do very quickly.

Julie Sanford shows us how to work with copper wire.  She does a great job instructing via video and in person.  If you haven’t taken a class with her, you are missing out on a fun class.

I found this video regarding Water Street Glassworks emptying their furnaces.  It looks like a dance between Eli, Becky, and Jerry.

I enjoyed these two videos about Minnesota potters and historical pots. They are being included, mostly, so that I don’t lose track of them.

And lastly, a video, of Camille reading her poem that she wrote and then created a mural on the back of our gallery.

Happy New Year, everyone.  I hope that you have a nice Christmas week and Fun New Year.  We will see you in 2014.