A Bowl A Day – Translucency and Carving Creates Bowls that Glow

Antoinette presents online workshops and teach potters how to throw and handbuild with porcelain clay. Students learn her skills and techniques with fine art, design and decorating and explore glazing and firing with electric kilns.

antoinette badenhorst


Antoinette is a South African ceramic artist who lives in Mississippi.  I found her online courses a couple of years ago and fell in love with her work, her commitment to share knowledge, and her lovely personality that always shines through.  She works in porcelain, originally firing in pits for very organic looking ceramic pots.  She has won awards internationally.  In 2005, she took a risk changing how she made pots.  Currently, Antoinette is creating translucent non-functional porcelain forms.  They almost dance off the surface. Antoinette is now organizing instructors across the globe who will be teaching online.  I am excited to see who she adds to her course offerings.