A Painting I Love – September Light in the Mountains

Landscape Painting by Michelle Courier Boulders River Light

Michelle Courier
This is a painting new to us in the gallery.  Michelle has been with C2C Gallery since inception.  She found us!  I immediately admired her talent.  This past week, Michelle was asked about  her paintings.  She said,
“I am always asked as an artist what my secret is The truth is I paint, and paint, and paint until I can’t paint anymore. I keep my head down and work. I don’t worry about anyone else’s work even though I greatly admire other artists. I just try to make each painting as kick ass as I can. I am in a race with myself to improve with each painting I create.
Now…. go run your own race ….. whatever that race may be! Good day everyone!!”
Michelle is being featured almost monthly in both SouthWest Art and Art Collector Magazines.  I don’t believe in buying art as an investment.  I believe in buying because it speaks to you and you love it.  Michelle’s paintings might do both.

Southwest Art Magazine March 2017