A Sculpture I Love – Weighted Down – Mark Chatterley

Mark Chatterley sculpture

Mark Chatterley
Mark Chatterley is a Michigan Sculpture artist who is best known for his other worldly ceramic sculptures.  They always tell a story, remind you of something in the past, or resonate with you in some other way.  I love what he says about his work: “Everything is either moving toward or away from nothingness. Life, death, creation and destruction, this is the world I find myself in. I want my art to echo these thoughts. Everything in a state of flux, changing and reforming. A sense of decay along with life. Nothing is permanent and nothing stays the same. I also try to show thoughts and feelings of the human condition. Beauty in the malformed, acceptance of the inevitable. I am doing work of our time for our time, even though I look to the past, the dead, for inspiration.”  We are honored to represent Mark in the gallery.

Artist at work Mark Chatterley many sculptures in process

Mark Chatterley at work creating human forms

Blue Dog sculpture Mark Chatterley