Airport Museums.

Traveling by plane can test your patience. You basically “hurry up to wait”. Very early this morning, I arrived at the Phoenix airport, checked in, and what did I see? A ceramics display! LOVE IT!

A nice way to wake up, just a little bit.

Larry Allen, ceramic jar

In 2016, local Phoenician ceramic art collectors, Billie Jo Harned and Joan Lincoln, gifted a sampling of their collections giving the viewer a glimpse into the variety of artworks that helped fuel their shared passion for collecting contemporary ceramic art.

Ceramic dog, unknown maker

I discovered that the Phoenix Art Museum is one of the largest airport art museums in the United States.

Don Reitz ceramic platter

Sultry Birch Teapot, by Eric Serritelia

Suzanne Kane, ceramic folding book

Les Lawrence, New Vision Teapot

Ceramic Bottle, maker unknown

Check it out the next time you are visiting the desert. These two displays are located in Terminal 4, Level 2.

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