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Varda Artist Residency

VARDA Artist Residencies
Have you ever wanted your world to slow down for just a day?  I can’t believe that it’s Memorial Day weekend!! How did this happen!  I could have sworn that we just celebrated the New Year.  Yesterday, I read about an artist residency on a houseboat in San Francisco Bay area.  Ever since visiting Venice, Italy, I have been intrigued with the idea of living on the water – in a houseboat.


What would I do with my time in a residency like this?  
Obviously, I wouldn’t make clay work.  I wonder would I make plans for sculptural work that is bouncing around in the back of my thoughts.  Would I sketch images of the water, boats, and more?  Where would that lead me?  Living a creative life is an interesting process.  I believe that everyone is creative without being labeled as such.  How you complete a task, solve a problem, fold your clothes is being creative.  
Being thoughtfully creative is a different process.  Keeping your eyes open to your surroundings.  Really looking and seeing, remembering and absorbing.  I was in Minneapolis for Mother’s Day weekend and attended the St. Croix Potters Show.  More than 40 potters from all over North America ( a couple from Great Britain) sold their clay work.  I visited all of the venues.  Three of my clay sisters were there.  They spent two days really looking at pots, talking with other clay artists.  Listening to them, I found myself thinking “Wow, they got so much more out of this trip than I did”.  I need to slow down and really be present instead of checking off items on my virtual list.  
Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of summer in our beach town.  For me, it’s almost like the New Year.  So, how can I slow down just a bit to see more, consider it, and absorb it into my ceramic work?  Hmmmmm. 
Happy Summer everyone!