Artist Styles among potters

Artist Styles among potters.

Today, I have my summer intern, Emma Baty, writing our blog.  Emma attends Syracuse University.  She has been creating social media postings for the gallery.  I asked Emma to look at Becky Rotter’s ceramic work.  Then, write a descriptive essay in her voice.  Her thoughts on Becky’s style of pottery are lovely.  I am looking at Becky’s pots in a new way.  Thank you, Emma.

“When I look at Becky’s pieces I see two really distinct styles. I see the one style that almost reminds me of all the pottery I saw in Italy. It feels like Tuscany. The rich reds and greens of the flowers sit on a backdrop of neutrals like beige. The yellow painted sunflowers make me think of fields of yellow and rolling hills. They are warm. They bring me back to warm weather and the sun on my back. Her pieces feel really functional too. I can actually see myself entertaining with her serving platter and olive trays. Which is one of her intentions with her ceramics. She hopes people will use them in the ritual of “dining”, special gatherings, and connecting with family and friends. I can see myself doing so.”

“Then I look at her other style of work. The lines are curvier, almost like waves. The waves make me think of the lake I grew up on. There are birds perched on the top of the handles, almost like they are watching over what the owner is doing. This style is much more rustic. The nature that inspires Becky very evident here. Her pots have a texture that remind me of a freshly tilled field. The handles on her serving trays look as though they are braided. The edges of the bowls and trays are a gray type color and look cracked in a way that reminds me of the sand patterns on the beach.”

We have several additional ceramic serving pieces by Becky in the galley.  Stop in to see if you agree with Emma’s thoughts.  Have a great day, everyone.