Beginning a New Year, Our Third. Plus a new initiative.

Beginning a New Year, Our Third. Plus a new initiative.

Our website has been redesigned and moved to WordPress.  This blog has been moved there also. Please check it out:

The main purpose of redesigning it was to allow for e-commerce.  We are up and functioning.  Not all of my artist’s work is on the site, yet.  I will be adding work over time.  You can always send me a note and I will get it on the e-commerce pages so that you can easily purchase art work.  

Bob Walma, one of our photographers, did a super job setting up our first website. I hired Anita Yoder, Designs on the Grand, to re-design our site.  I think she did a great job.  Now, I have to learn the new format.  But, I will get there.  

Bob has been focusing on his new venture – raising dollars for the restoration of the Grand Haven Coal Tipple.  At C2C, we will be supporting this effort, in the way of donating 5% of all Tipple image sales to the City of Grand Haven.  Friday, May 24 (this Friday), we will be exhibiting his new images of the Tipple.

Coal Tipple Art Photograph by Bob Walma

Jaclyn Kwiatkowski’s ceramic work will be featured this Friday, also.  Jaclyn’s ceramic work is organic in focus.  She considers how humans and the environment interact between one another.   In each of her pieces, there has been a labor.  This labor is to respect the labor that nature often endures, a beautiful pain that is persistent but useful.  Most of the work is hand-built, because it relates to the process of growth. 
Karisa Wilson was our first musician to perform when we opened in 2011.  Karisa will be with us again Friday night.  Please plan to join us and enjoy this talented woman’s music.  Karisa will begin at 6pm.  
Karisa Wilson is an award winning singer-songwriter from Michigan. Her debut album “Little Girl” won the WYCE’s Album of the Year Jammie, one of Michigan’s most prestigious indie music awards. Karisa writes and performs a blend of Indie pop, jazz and blues. She’s also a classically trained violinist.  Karisa recently returned from a trip to Uganda where she arranged and recorded the original tunes of orphaned or abandoned children who live in the shelter built by GEO (Grassroots Empowerment Opportunities).  Karisa is donating her time to record an album to raise awareness and monies for this organization.  
Remember, we do have “Art for Your Every Day Life”!