Creative Bones

Creativity?  I believe that we are all creative.  Some people are creative in how they solve problems and others are able to capture an image on paper with a pen or brush.  This week, I have been watching my daughter create a mural on the back wall of our gallery.  We rented scaffolding.  Up and down she goes several times throughout the day, looking at her work, considering what is next.  Up she goes again to add more paint.  It is interesting to watch.  Somewhere along the way, Camille has learned perspective, design and painting skills.  Often she amazes me with her “can do” attitude.  She might not have done it before but she will figure it out.




In the next several days, our mural will be complete.  Thanks to Camille’s efforts.  She is entering it in this Fall’s ArtWalk competition.  Then, she heads to NYC to school.  Every morning, I will be reminded of her creativity as I open the gallery.