Did you know that more vinyl records were sold than music downloaded in 2016?

Did you know that more vinyl records were sold than downloaded music in 2016?

Vinyl Record sales forbes magazine


According to Forbes magazine, “Fueled by that unique sound quality and a nostalgia wave, sales of vinyl records were up 32% to $416 million, their highest level since 1988, according to the RIAA. Revenues from vinyl sales last year were higher than those of on-demand ad supported streaming services.”
What does this have to do with art and C2C Gallery?

Fordite Bracelet with sterling silver by Julie Sanford

I have been thinking about how we use the words “hand-crafted” when discussing things like beer, watches, shoes, arts, and bicycles.  So, what does hand-crafted really mean?  I am sure it is deliberate when marketing uniqueness, quality, and care taken when an item is created.  Yet, isn’t is strange that while we respect well made “hand-crafted” items, there is also a desire to demand low cost and immediate availability.  So, how is an artist to survive?  

Murini Hand blown Glass vase by Eli Zilke

How many of us notice the art in an hotel or restaurant? Or is it like streaming music, where we are barely aware of it?  Does this cause us not to value or even see the art in front of us unless we are in a place where art is supposed be noticed, such as:  galleries, art fairs and museums?

On the edge of fall landscape painting by Mark Mehaffey

As an artist and a gallery owner, I have worked hard to learn how to use social media such as Facebook and Instagram effectively for my ceramic work and for my artists.  Each of my posts have a goal of sharing our artist’s art and who they are as people.  I have always felt that you are more inclined to fall in love and ultimately purchase a piece of artwork if you feel that you know a bit about the artist and why they create art.  

Michelle Courier with her paintings

From taxi cabs to skincare, technology is disrupting economic systems. The need for service that exceeds expectations will keep a place for excellent businesses. Art that transcends the commonplace, even occasionally art on a hotel wall, will find its way to those who value and notice the art. Technology will allow more people to find and hopefully collect our art. Deliberate practice is necessary to become ever better in our art. Ongoing marketing helps take our art beyond the commonplace.