Did you make a mistake today?

Did you make a mistake today?  If not, then get moving and take some risk.
If you are a painter, use a brush that you haven’t used before or try a new surface.  If you are a potter, throw a new form.  Throw larger.  Try a new clay body.  If you have never used the “Diva”, throw a pot using porcelain,.  If you don’t risk making something new, then you will never move forward.  Hmmm, so what am I going to try today?

Christi Dreese Interconnection series
Interconnection Series by Christi Dreese

Christi Dreese is a painter at C2C Gallery.  She is a woman who paints every day.  Every Day.  I am impressed with her work ethic.  Christi believes that if she continues to paint, she will learn things that she never considered.  We have Christi’s paintings in oils and acrylics.  She paints on paper, canvas, and more.  Both abstract and landscapes.  Last year, I co-juried a show with two other artists.  I found it interesting listening to their technical critiques of  two dimensional art (in other words, paintings).  I learned a few things about considering art.  Mostly, I learned that I intuitively understood what makes “good art”.  But, I want to re-state that:  I believe that most people know what they like and if they like it, then “that” is good art.   If someone loves a piece of art, then they should own it, to enjoy for many years.  Another reason why, the gallery’s tag line is “Art for Your Every Day Life.”.

along the shoreline, reproduction of original paintingAlong the Shoreline by Christi Dreese

Ok, so what am I going to risk today?  I am doing a pottery-wheel throwing demonstration to a group of women business owners tonight.  I could wedge some stoneware and throw large or tall.  But, I think I will throw with porcelain.  The “Diva” of clay.  Porcelain is like using cream cheese.  It is so lovely to touch while make a form.  It is lovely when bone hard and again after it comes out of the glaze kiln firing.  So, yes, I am going to make some pots for the women using porcelain.
PS:  Neil Gaiman and Robert Genn say:   “Because if you’re making mistakes… you’re Doing Something.” Painting is a do-it-yourself thing that requires focus and a self-critical eye. After a while some people get very good at it. Writers write. Painters paint. According to Neil, that’s about it. But I often wonder what might have happened if I had kept kicking that wheel.

Cyndi Casemier "Into her Work"

Cyndi’s “Into her Work”