Fantastic ceramics at C2C. Check out the London Show.

We have some fantastic pots in the gallery right now.  Not that we don’t always have great ceramics.  Earlier this Spring, I met two artists whose work really spoke to me.  Both are hand built, entirely different from one another.  Marion Angelica works in porcelain.  She has lovely texture that relates to the Southwest landscape.  Michael Imes, our current featured artist, hand builds in stoneware.  His work is organic, earthy, and begs to be touched.
Tea Set by Michael Imes
Tea for Four by Michael Imes
Most of my equipment for my own ceramics is by Bailey Equipment.  Jim and his wife were able to attend the Ceramic Art London 2015 show this year.  He created a video.  One of my favorite pieces from this show is by Sun Kim.
Porcelain work by Kim Sun.
Kim Sun, UK artist
Ceramic Art London
Ceramic Art London 2015 Show