Did you miss First Friday Art Hop? Learn more about Lori Reed’s Mixed Media Art here.

Last First Friday Art Hop was a lot of fun.  We had several new visitors in the gallery, along with many gallery friends.  Lori and her husband are always a pleasure to host.

Lori Reed and her husband

We always enjoy meeting artist’s friends that they include in their trip to Grand Haven.  Lori and I had a public conversation about her creative life.  She and I talked about how both of us can be quite particular with regard to details.  Proof that there are all types of people who are creative thinkers.  I think everyone would agree with me that we had fun and learned a little bit more about her thoughts and processes regarding her wall art.

Lori Reed describing her mixed media artwork

Cyndi and Lori Reed talking about her collages

Lori always starts a new project with her personal photographs taken while traveling.  She and Kevin love visiting the midwest lakes (and of course other locations).  Lori will alter the image creating three different versions using software filters on her computer.  Then, she prints and cuts the photographs by hand in long narrow strips.  This artist’s graphic design and illustration knowledge assist her in creating interesting compositions in a unique way.

Yes, Lori has lots of files of all of her photographs with the variety of filters, notes on her changes to the images, and then her compositions.  Her home studio is organized so that she can work on graphic design jobs and her creative wall hangings.  She moves back and forth between the two areas.  At the end of this year, Lori will be retiring from her “day” job to work only on her artwork.

Water Lily wall art by Lori ReedOne of the pieces in the gallery is called “Ode to Joy”.  It is of a water lily seen while kayaking.   Lori ran filters on the photo; printed out 3 versions to cut into strips; and added in the Japanese characters for water lily in the top right.  Some handmade papers add to the texture of the lily and shredded currency from the Federal Reserve float among the lily pads.

I find this art peaceful and quite lovely.  Here are some different views of the piece:

close up view of Ode to Joy and Lily pad by Lori Reed

Another favorite is “Let Go”.

The gull/sailboat scene has text floating in the water about boats and water. The beach chairs have yellowed newspaper text under them in the sand.  The grass beyond the stairs in the last one have pieces of shredded US currency embedded.

Close up of "let go" wall art by Lori Reed

We have several other very interesting pieces by Lori Reed.  Please visit the gallery in Grand Haven or contact us, via phone: 616-935-7337, or email, cyndi@c2cgallery.com, for more information.  Take good care, C2 .

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