Gallery, Studio and Life: 41, On the Road

I am writing to you from Vermont today. My girlfriend hosted an outdoor party for family and friends celebrating her marriage that took place in March. Polly, the friend, had called me early in the week, asking what to do with regard to rain for several days, getting a tent large enough, and since we are women, what shoes to wear. I suggested mud boots for both of us. Can you see this? Women in dresses with mud boots? We laughed and said “I will, if you do.” Luckily, the day was warm and sunny. Everything had dried out. Lots of smiles with her children singing in beautiful harmonies.


Emily, Renee, and Harrison

Click on the image of these talented young adults to hear one of their songs.

On the way to Vermont, we stopped in at Richard Aerni’s studio. We traded pots and caught up on happenings for he and Carolyn, his life partner. I always have studio envy when I visit.


Richard’s gas kiln


L and L electric kiln
Several mugs drying on his electric kiln.


Fort Ticonderoga

From Rochester, we headed to Fort Ticonderoga. I found this plaque with several historical people who had walked through the same arch that we did last week. It was worth the stop. Our road trips are always a bit of a goat rodeo.


Inside the Fort

It has been fun to see Vermont through Bruce’s eyes. I think he has found it interesting, the people friendly, and the landscape rugged. There are dogs everywhere. Leo has had a great time sniffing. One interesting dog that intimidated him a bit was, Yoshi. Yoshi is a bergamasco. I have never seen this breed before. He was a gentle soul.



Did you know that Congress voted to make Champlain great in 1998 — despite the fact that the Vermont and New York lake is almost tiny when compared to the original greats. (Think, Lake Michigan.)

It covers a measly 490 square miles. When compared to the 7,430 square miles covered by Lake Ontario — the smallest of the Greats — and the 31,700 square miles covered by the Greatest Lake, Lake Superior, Champlain looks like a backyard koi pond. But it is beautiful looking across it from Burlington to the Adirondacks.


Lake Champlain

I haven’t been reading much while on this trip. So, I won’t be sharing articles or recipes this week. I hope wherever you are located, you have been able to get outside to take a walk or bike ride. Plus, enjoy your time with the people that you care about.


I hope to talk with you soon. Take good care, c2.

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