Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 16

Last weekend, I received an email from a customer who always shopped in our brick and mortar store when visiting West Michigan.  They live in California.  If you haven’t been to Grand Haven and surrounding area beach towns, you should add it to your “must see” travel list.  These small midwestern towns are safe, friendly, and beautiful.  We have many county parks, free to the public, and miles of white sandy beaches. I digress.

The client wondered if I had any sculpture pieces by a specific artist.  She didn’t see them on our website.  When, we went to online only, we reduced the number of artists that we represent.  Since, we consider our artists, friends.  I had no problem giving him a call on Sunday.  Yes, he had some pieces available and sent me pictures.  I forwarded them on to the client.  We talked about dimensions, etc.  A decision was made.  She loved one of them.  On Tuesday morning, the ceramic puppy was on its way to its new California home.

three Chatterley dogs

Leo, our Havaton, continues to grow.  He is now 5 months old.  Learning a few commands and sleeps through the night.  Only a few accidents in the house weekly.  He is figuring out living in a home.  We are learning to live with a puppy!

Leo, our HavatonLeo ready to attack his “Must Love Dogs” treat.

My daughter and I were talking about the gallery.  We spoke about the my dad and his father owning businesses. Many nights, we would deliver prescriptions and other items after the store closed.  He always helped customers that couldn’t leave their homes.  She said, “Mom, you are doing the same thing with Joy Drop!”  I hadn’t really thought about it.  Camille was right!  Sarah and I are offering the same quality of service as my father and his father – we care about our customers.

This was my dad’s first pharmacy.  Now, it’s the Health Hutt in Grand Haven, Michigan.  He purchased another piece of property in 1963 to create a larger business.  Memories.  No, I didn’t get into my studio this week.  1099’s, W2’s, and year end bookkeeping consumed my time.  It’s a whole life.  Take care, c2.

Casemier Pharmacy 1961

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