Hardworking Women…and Men

Hardworking Women…and Men

I have been meaning to post these images since I returned from New York City.  I was able to spend several hours in the Metropolitan Museum by myself the last time I visited my daughter.  It is always the same – visual overload.  After awhile, you have to leave because it is overwhelming.

One of our artists, Maggie Bandstra, makes ceramic work similar to the early Arts and Crafts Movement in the early 1900’s.  The Met has a large collection of these pots in the North American Wing.   The Arts and Crafts Movement emerged during the Industrialization period.  Designers were concerned that with more and more things becoming mechanized, that we would lose good design.   William Morris worked hard to unite all of the arts in decorating the home.   Frank Lloyd Wright, Marie Zimmermann, Charles Rohlfs, Arthur Stone, Gustave Stickley, Sumner and Henry Greene are all names from this era who designed household items that many of us recognize today.   Check out these lovelies:



Arts and Crafts Movement