Just do it – already!

I start my day, every day, the same way.  Coffee, yogurt with blueberries and other fruit with grape nuts at my computer.  I catch up with the world while eating my breakfast, thinking about what I need to get done today.  Robert Genn’s newsletter arrived in my in box.   He is a Canadian painter with wonderful insights about being an artist.  Today, he announced that he has pancreatic cancer.  A dear friend announced his final blog posting this past week.  My clay girlfriends around the country try to plan locations to learn and enjoy each other company every other year.

This morning, getting the important things done is kicking me in the face.   I can’t tell you what your important items are but I do have a list.  It might be too long but I think that is good.  Cancer is such an ugly disease.  It catches us when we least expect it.  So, for today, I am going to try to limit my “to do” list to 7 do-able items.  If the other things are still on the list tomorrow, then they should probably be dealt with.  After those 7 items are done, then I am going to make some pots!  Yeah!

My 7 to-do’s

Work out


Pay bills for the gallery

Take five images to our E-Commerce site, measure, & code them

receive artwork for our Art Competition

write my blog posting

write my newsletter for tomorrow

Robert Genn’s daughter is an artist and writer.   They are considering re-issuing one of his past newsletters in combination with one of her writings each month.  They calculate that it could keep her busy for 27 years.  What a legacy!  Me:  one of Seven is done.  Have a great day.