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Just Getting it done – Life of a Potter. Do you ever really know how your day is going to play out? I try so hard to make a list at the end of each day for the next day’s tasks. Wake up, check the list, and get to work on checking the items off.

C2Ceramics porcelain houses

Last night, my list had these items on it:

Fire Gas Kiln, while doing this, do these things:

Clean studio.

Call a couple of artists


Newsletter for Designers

Newsletter for Loyalty customers

Empty electric glaze firing

Work out

Make yogurt

A fairly reasonable list. Instead, the day has run like this:

Kiln stopped firing 5 times last night. Had to re-light it, of course.

Did payroll.

Completed Social Media posts

REALLY Cleaned the studio. That means wiping down every surface. Moving every bucket.

Emptied Electric Kiln.

Read a couple of emails.

Gas Kiln now has a fire coming out of a location it shouldn’t have flames. Yikes!

Call Jim Bailey at Bailey Pottery Company.

Inside of bailey gas kiln

He was wonderful. Patient with me. He gave me a vocabulary lesson in kiln parts, looked at the pictures I sent him, and calmly reassured me that we would get this fixed. No, I was not going to have a serious problem. Read between the lines here.

Gas burner for bailey gas kiln

With the kiln firing on one burner and at 1793 degrees, I put on my Kevlar gloves so that I don’t burn myself, a pair of pliers, I listen to Jim tell me what to do. I won’t go into the details but we did get the problem corrected so that I can finish the firing. Yes, I am checking this baby every half hour or more, just to make sure. Learning to fire a gas kiln teaches you respect for fire and you do lose your fear of fire. Not sure how this is possible. Plus, if you are a potter, you can see that the paint has burned off the blower. I learned from Jim, that I haven’t had the correct balance between air and gas. Another lesson. It’s been an interesting day. Thank you Jim, for your help.

Finished cleaning the studio.

Huge Chinese Wok used for glazing dinner plates

Made yogurt.

Yes, life goes on. How has your day been going? If nothing else, I hope you have done something creative. Take care, C2

Porcelain houses by Cyndi Casemier

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