Just Sayin’ Life, 95: Artistry in Every Sip

Artistry in every sip?  There is if you start your day with a handmade cup, whatever your beverage of choice.

How are you?  I can’t believe that I haven’t written since the end of April.  How is this?  Lots of changes in my world.  I decided to put my home and studio of 15 years up for sale.  It sold on the first day of offering!  Yikes!  Now, this decision is very real.  I get to work realizing that I am going to be shutting down my studio.  Oh, plus, moving my household.  For the last six months, I have been making ceramic work; getting rid of many studio items; clothing (yes, I am a clothes hound); and packing.

Click on the image to see the kiln move.

But, I really want to share are Muskegon Museum of Art events this Fall.  There are two wonderful exhibitions happening.  The 94th Michigan Contemporary Art Exhibition  runs through November 8.  It has thought provoking and very interesting entries.  Secondly, I am honored to have been asked for the second year to curate a Cups Invitational.  You will have the opportunity to purchase cups that offers artistry with every sip.  This exhibit opens on Thursday, October 12 at 5pm.  It will run through November 9, 2023.

Miranda Thomas working on a vase.

Ceramic artists from across the United States are participating.  There are more than 80 unique cups, tumblers, mugs, sippers, and more.  You will want to see all of the different designs, styles, shapes, decoration, and firing methods on display.  Over the next month, I will share images from this Invitational on our Instagram account’s stories.

When you look at a handmade ceramic cup do you wonder how the artist designed it?  If you would like to learn a bit more about cup making before viewing this exhibit, I would suggest watching this video by Pete Pinnell.  He is a Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska.  He talks about design elements and the considerations that go into making a well crafted drinking vessel.

Pete Pinnell discussing cups

Click on the above image to listen to Pete.

2023 Muskegon Museum of Art Cups Invitational
Deb Oliva handmade ceramic cup
Noel Bailey handmade ceramic cup
handmade whiskey sipper by Israel Davis
handmade ceramic mug by Sam Scott

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