Local Artist loves anything with a Latin Rhythm

Barbara Fugazzotto was originally thinking about something in science.  She grew up in upstate New York, moved several times, ending up in Grand Haven due to her husband’s job in the Grand Haven school system.  He came home saying that they needed an art teacher.  Barb changed clothes and convinced the superintendent of schools that she could indeed teach art to junior high aged children.  The next day, she started.  Barb loved being a teacher showing students original ways that they could show their creativity.  I like to ask each of our visiting artists the same questions to learn a bit more about them.

Barbara Fugazzotto

Recently, I interviewed Barbara about her likes and dislikes.  Here are her responses to our “10 Questions to the Artist”:

What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?


Creatively- standing in front of my shelves of fabric. Which shall I choose to begin?


Spiritually- standing at the edge of the ocean,


The rhythm of the waves


The details of the foam on the sand


The enormity of the expanse


The unifying nature of the oceans connecting all parts of the world. Emotionally- friends and family  who embraced and accept the emotion I need to express

Do you have an influence or theme that guides your work?

The layering of geological history as seen in the strata of a rock wall. The layering of color, texture and patina as seen in ancient ruins on weathered objects.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?


I could have been a dancer.

What profession would you not like to do?

Sports- too competitive and I like to make stuff.

Who are your favorite artists?


My aunt who was an art teacher had Van Gogh prints in her house. At an early age I stared at them fascinated by the colors, textures and loosely representative style. And Matisse- Pattern on pattern. Need I say more?

What is your favorite tool used to create your work?

Sewing machine and serger.

What is your favorite word?


“What if…?”

What is your least favorite word?



Who is your favorite musician?


Anything with a Latin rhythm.

How much formal education have you received? Related to your craft.


Bachelors degree and many credit and non credit classes and workshops. I love being a student learning something new.


Fugazzotto mask

Fugazzotto’s Fabric mask

We love having Barb’s tactile work.  Her decorative masks and fans are lovely.  She has creative small bags for women that have very thoughtful pockets on the inside and out.  We have several vests and jackets that she has made in several different sizes and styles.  Her materials have been gathered throughout her travels all over the world.  Stop in to consider one of her pieces for you or your home, or a gift.  Barb uses Art in her daily life.

Fandangle by Barbara Fugazzotto